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An Intertel Area Coordinator serves a limited geographic area within a Region(s) by providing Ilians opportunities for fellowship and exchange of ideas. The job is self-directed but here are some suggestions as to activities that have been successful for others.

The goals are to get to know Ilians within the area and to solicit applications for membership in Intertel. There are many ways of accomplishing these goals but most effective is having personal contact through telephone, letter, email, newsletter, and meetings.

Other area coordinators have had good luck asking local Mensa chapter membership chairs to include a letter with an Intertel brochure attached in their “welcome new member” packet. Brochures are available from your Regional Director or the Intertel office. Leaving a few brochures at libraries and colleges can at least raise awareness of Intertel.

Another technique is to ask organizers of local Mensa RG's to allow you a break-out presentation for Intertel members and interested Mensans. This is a sample agenda.

An effective way of accomplishing both goals while having a good time oneself is to arrange a more or less quarterly “Meet-Greet-n-Eat” for Ilians and guests. Inviting Mensans or even arranging a joint meeting publicized in the Mensa local chapter bulletin can be a useful recruiting device.

  1. Select a moderately priced restaurant in a central location and a Monday through Thursday dinner time. A private room isn't necessary, just reserve a large enough table to accommodate those who accept your invitation (it probably won't be more than a half-dozen).
  2. Email or telephone Intertel members in your area inviting them (your Regional Director will give you a list of members in your area); something like: "Hi, Member Name! I'm Your Name, down here in Your City. I'm Intertel's Area Coordinator for this area, which by your ZIP code includes you. We're going to have a dutch-treat Meet-Greet-n-Eat for Ilians and their guests at Restaurant Name, address, on date and time. (Feel free to bring a friend or significant other; better yet, a prospective member.) We'll meet fellow Ilians and have great conversation. If you can join us, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you!" Sign with your name, address, email address, and telephone number and "P.S. If you don't reply and your schedule clears, come anyway. We'll make room for you."
  3. Make a table tent with “Intertel” on both sides. (You can use this template: print on heavy paper, cut vertically, fold each half to make 2 tents.)
  4. At the restaurant arrive 15 minutes early, claim your table, and set the table tent so one side can be seen from the door. Introduce yourself as people arrive and facilitate introductions all around.
  5. Have a good time!
  6. Near the end of the meal, say something like: “Well, this was really fun! When and where shall we do one in about three months?”
  7. Send an email to your RD with number attending, a photo if you took one, and the name of whomever agreed to be the next host.